This particular Eyebot is a regular character in MiniWarGaming's series "40K Rejects"!

Meet Eyebot!

Introducing Eyebot! The first Miniature from Epic Duck Studios. Eyebot has been specifically designed as a practice piece, allowing you to build your painting


Dwarf Engineer Sculpt

I've recently started a Daily Sketch Journal to get the creative juices flowing, and it worked! I hit on some Goblin concepts I really

epic hobby lal

Large Area Lightning

This painting tutorial is from my old Blip channel, and was the first released as the show The Epic Hobby.  The format is a

Dark Reapers Complete

Eldar Dark Reapers WIP

After painting the Dark Reaper Exarch in a 2-Hour Speedpainting Challenge, I decided to finish the rest of the squad to the same standard,

Eldar Dark Reaper Exarch 3

Dark Reaper Exarch Speedpaint

This past weekend, I participated in an online 2-Hour Mini Speedpainting Challenge with some other Warmongers on Twitter. I choose to paint an Eldar