Commander Adept Nemo

Commander Adept Nemo

It's been a while since I've posted something; my home is in a constant state of flux right now as I finish up the


Necron Overlord

This is definitely not the project I planned to work on, but I got this colour scheme idea stuck in my head and it

DA Terminators

More Dark Vengeance Progress

I'm nearly done the Dark Angels (painted in sort-of-Soul-Drinkers colours) side of my Dark Vengeance starter set, only 2 years after I got it!

This particular Eyebot is a regular character in MiniWarGaming's series "40K Rejects"!

Meet Eyebot!

Introducing Eyebot! The first Miniature from Epic Duck Studios. Eyebot has been specifically designed as a practice piece, allowing you to build your painting


Dwarf Engineer Sculpt

I've recently started a Daily Sketch Journal to get the creative juices flowing, and it worked! I hit on some Goblin concepts I really