Relicblade Miniatures

My first journey into Comic Book Style painting

Relicblade is a miniature skirmish game created by Sean Sutter. Rather than using 3D Renders or painting miniatures for his box art, Sean instead drew comic book style artwork for every miniature.  Inspired by his own art, I wanted to use similar techniques on the miniatures he sculpted. This was the birth of my Comic Book Style, which I've since used on other pieces.  Some miniatures - like the Fox and Stonekin - are more suited to it than others - like the Gnome Alchemist; what you're seeing here are stages of a learning process, a journey to develop a highly unique style of miniature painting that's still ongoing.


More Images Coming Soon!

I've just relaunched my website, and haven't had a chance to fully populate the gallery yet. I'll be catching up over the next few weeks. In the meantime, you can review my work on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!