Hi, I'm Mike Cousins.

I've been painting miniatures and teaching others since 2007, and designing miniatures since 2009.

You may know me from my YouTube videos, or from tutorials I used to produce with MiniWarGaming - or maybe you're just learning about me for the first time.  Regardless of whether you've been a fan for years, or just stumbled across my website today, here's what you need to know about me:

I love a well-painted miniature.

Painting minis is a passion of mine, and I love to share that passion.  That's why I like teaching other people how to improve their painting. I want tabletop gamers to be able to take pride in their miniatures!


I enjoy teaching others.

Nearly as soon as I began painting myself, other people began asking me to show them how. I've taken that to heart for a decade now, producing tutorials, teaching classes, and performing live demonstrations. I'm always learning and improving myself, and it's a genuine joy to be able to pass the things I learn onto other paints.

I regularly publish new tutorials on YouTube in a range of formats, from quick single-topic videos and multi-part paint-alongs, to longer start-to-finish exhibitions. There's something for everyone!

Twice a week, I stream live on Twitch, which is the best place to keep up with my personal projects. These are often where I push myself to experiment and try new things. It's a great time to hang out with other hobbyists, and ask those burning questions.

Everything I do on YouTube and Twitch is freely available, thanks to the support of my fans at Patreon.com and my Twitch subscribers.