Dwarf Engineer Sculpt

I’ve recently started a Daily Sketch Journal to get the creative juices flowing, and it worked! I hit on some Goblin concepts I really liked, and then paired them with some menacing Dwarves. I was so inspired by the feedback I got on Twitter from the Dwarf Engineer sketch below, that I started sculpting the mini the same night. As of now, the head and torso are mostly done, leaving the feet, arms & shoulders, backpack, wrench-staff, and lots of detailing to go. It’s probably still 15-20 hours from completion, maybe more.

My apologies for the blurry photo – I snapped it at about midnight last night, and tired hands are shaky hands.

Dwarf Engineer sketch

Dwarf Engineer sculpt WIP

Head and Torso nearly complete!

Update: Oct 30, 2014: Last night I worked on the Shoulder Pads, Wrench-staff, and right foot. None of these are complete, but they’ve all moved along nicely. I’m finding the ridge on the shoulder pads to be too pronounced, I need to shave it down so it’s more of a detail than a feature.


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